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Be an OBG Broker

Upon OBG’s formation, a successful Market-merger is ready to welcome you to the Team. We offer a huge amount more to our RERA Phase 2 trained Brokers than any regular single office, single minded, single vision Real Estate company.

OBG questions to you:

How useful would it be to have 5 large prime location offices to work freely from depending where you are in the City?
How much more business would you do working within a secure trust-network of over 200+ OBG Brokers?
How much more money would you earn as an OBG Broker with access to our Exclusive Stock portfolio and commission program?
How confident would you feel with constant Sales & Product training?

If your answers are: Very, Lots, Loads & Extremely, then you qualify to be a Member of OBG and can contact us today. Kindly fill the application form and we'll get in touch with you.