About One Broker Group

Founded by passionate Brokers from leading Real Estate Companies, One Broker Group aims to its vision of innovative realty service in the UAE. Established with 50+ collaborated years of experience in corporate businesses. OBG prides itself as having the highest performance level in the real estate industry. Our pioneering initiative has set standards to be on the lead. A combination of experiences, dedication to our craft, professionalism and reliability makes OBG dominating Real Estate Brokerage Company in the UAE today.

OBG unifies Provident Estate, Lannhill Real Estate and Ottomans International, to improve the way of selling properties completed with promptness and expertise. Three eligible members abide different identities were merged to be a sole group with holistic entity.

Respective members are highly qualified by RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority), DLD (Dubai Land Department) and all Government bodies. As well as each Sales and Leasing Agent is certified to work on legal transactions.

OBG is proficient to serve the client with excellence.

Our Directors, Sales and Leasing Executives are known to be experts in property brokerage, consultation and management. With assurance that we provide services that are beyond expectation, moreover, selling by heart, makes our institution be recognized in Dubai Real Estate.

OBG’s support departments are set to embrace diversity of innovation. We are active to be part the current trends, research and implementation. Our driven marketing is affirmative in branding, promoting the projects and stationing the purpose of the company. The administration of customer service, property portals and listings are attentive in supporting documentation procedures aside from delivering clients’ concerns.

The trust of prestigious companies in handing over the exclusive projects to us, proves that the real estate market believes in our capabilities to achieve the set objectives, whereas, the connections in consideration to real estate sector are wide and reliable. Association with premium projects of reputable investors, developers and funds, makes the market acknowledged OBG’s determination, to be the largest power-brokerage institution.