Guide to Renting Property

Budget for Renting A Home

Manage your rental budget in consideration of your expenses and utility bills. You might find a lot of properties in the market or property sites that are suitable to your requirements and allotted budget.

Market Research

There are a lot of property listing sites in Dubai and the UAE, marketing a lot of properties for sale and for rent.


  • Location, finding the most accessible place matters. Definitely, you want to live in a place which is reachable to work or any essential establishments. By using property sites you can easily track the distances from your home to other amenities and destinations.


  • Specifications, the price of the property will depend on the type, size, number of rooms, utilities, and etc. Make sure that the property that you will rent suits your requirements. Any additional request will shake your rental cost.


  • Community, facilities it must be included in the rent as per law No. 26 of 2006 Article (16), Such as swimming pools, playgrounds, fitness areas, health centers and parks. Don’t forget to check if parking, heating, water, electricity, cable or the internet connection are also included in the price of your monthly rent unless agreed otherwise.


Real Estate Partner

The agent must be an expert in your desired area. Someone who you trust and can really help to make the whole process much smoother. Be direct about the list of must-have and would-be-nice-to-have, and even your must-not, so your agent can propose exactly to what you’re looking for. Plus, be honest about your financial condition or budget. Confirm if the agents is RERA certified broker and the company is accredited by DLD.  For recommendation, OBG is the perfect agency with experienced agents.

Arrange Multiple Viewings

Schedule more viewings than one property at a time, for you to have options and will not miss opportunities to check out better properties. During the inspection, double check the taps, the bathtub and the shower. If there is a leak, if the windows or door locks, lights, enough electric sockets and a lot more. You might tend to notice the nice part of the house but look for any damage so that you are not blamed for it later. Before you move in, ask for repairs and must be fixed everything.

Also, check the terms and policies the building and landlord. In that instances, there are landlords and building owners who have rules on pets, so if you have a pet or intend to get one, find out before you move in.

Make An Offer

Once you’ve decided about the right home you want to rent, it’s important to act and make an offer immediately. If you’re 100% sure that you want the property, make sure to carry your checkbook. Dubai’s real estate market is extremely fast-paced, the tenants can easily find another tenant in less than 24 hours of it being listed.

Ensure that the lease is an Ejari contract and contains a lease break clause, maintenance responsibilities, parking details, insurance, and liability.

Offer Has Been Accepted

When the landlord accepted your offer, you need to provide the following things:

  • Copy of your passport
  • Residency visa
  • Emirates ID
  • Fees:
  • 5% agency fee of the rental value
  • If unfurnished – 5% deposit cheque of the rental value
  • If unfurnished – 10% deposit cheque of the rental value

Once these have all been shared with your agent, your tenancy contract will be drafted and sent over to both parties for final approval.

Signing the contracts

After you and your landlord signed the tenancy contract, you will need to register your lease with Ejari, the Ejari costs is AED 215 for both villas and apartments in Duba. And connect your Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), be mindful of the fact that your DEWA deposit will vary depending on the rental type of property you have chosen.

Move In Permits

Ask your agent about the move in a permit that normally will take 5 working days before getting the documents. Actually, it is a case to case basis, depending on the community or building you have secured, you might need a move-in permit from the developer or management company before you are able to physically move your things in.

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